Nathan Ollerenshaw

Nathan is a multidisciplinary tech with experience building large, high transaction per second systems for Internet Services.

With over 20 years in the Internet industry, Nathan brings a wealth of experience and understanding to the complexities of delivering large scale internet service platforms.

Nathan is currently employed at NerdWallet as a Staff Software Engineer.


nb: This CV is abbreviated. If you are looking for more detail, please ask.


Staff Software Engineer, NerdWallet (September 2018 – now)

At NerdWallet, Nathan has been working with the teams to improve the use of the Go programming language, as well as working on several impactful projects.

Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudmark/Proofpoint (2015 – September 2018)

Nathan was hired by Cloudmark, Inc., located in California, in January 2015 as a Solutions Architect, which is similar to a Sales Engineering role in most companies. In that position, he helped deploy several high profile Anti-Abuse platforms at major ISPs in Canada and the U.S.

SVP Enginering, BNC Holdings (2013-2014)

BNC Holdings was a startup company founded in Japan with Engineering located in Manila. Nathan managed the Systems Engineering team, who were responsible for the design, build and ongoing management of the company IT systems and the production web services platform.

Senior Technical Specialist, Telstra BigPond (2007 – 2013)

Telstra BigPond is Australia’s largest ISP. In the ISP Platform Integration team located in Sydney, Australia, Nathan was involved in many aspects of the ISP including maintaining core Authentication and Accounting systems written in a variety of languages, including C and C++., as well as working on various custom components for the Openwave EmailMX ISP Email platform. Nathan was directly responsible for the successful deployment of BigPond’s Anti-Abuse platform which used the Cloudmark Gateway SMTP product.

Systems Engineer, ValueCommerce

ValueCommerce was Japan’s leading affiliate marketing and banner advertising service provider and at the time Nathan was employed with them over 50% of the market in Japan advertised with ValueCommerce. Nathan was involved in many projects, including the design and build of the company’s Shared Hosting platform as well as many of the internal IT projects.

Systems Specialist, Lineone/Tiscali (2000-2002)

LineOne was one of the top 5 ISPs in the UK at the time of hiring, with over 600,000 customers. Nathan was involved in all aspects of the ISP business, including keeping an ageing Sun Enterprise mail system alive via duct tape and sheer force of will. LineOne was eventually purchased by Tiscali and Nathan was involved in various projects managing and maintaining the highly popular LineOne news site and the migration of the email platform to another product.

Systems Administrator, Modem Media (1998-2000)

Hired by Modem Media, Poppe Tyson as a Systems Administrator, was responsible for all IT systems in the London office, as well as the design and build of the new office on Eversholt Street, including the build of the server room, structured cabling, phone systems, etc.

Infrastructure Management, Grid9 (1998)

Support Engineer, ATInet Limited (1997)

Support Technician, The Internet Group (1997)

IT Consultant, MCF (1996-1997)

Computer Tecnician, MIA Tyre Services (1993-1995)

Technical Experience


  • Anything unix based, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. Current experience with Ubuntu and CentOS/RHEL.
  • Experience with Compliance audits for PCI-DSS 3.0.
  • Email platforms built using any of the commonly sourced software, Open Source and otherwise
  • Build/Deploy systems such as Puppet, Ansible. MaaS, etc.
  • Designing and deploying high volume web services with NGINX, Apache, HAProxy, Apache Tomcat, Glassfish, Squid, etc.
  • Experience with HA Clustering such as Veritas Cluster, Corosync/Pacemaker, etc.
  • Expert level of understanding of the DNS.
  • Experience with deploying IPv6 compliant services.
  • Database management/optimization with Oracle 11G, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • RabbitMQ, OpenMQ and developing applications with ZeroMQ.NetApp deployments. Have done several training courses and have built from scratch several filer deployments.
  • EMC hardware experience.
  • Experience with network routing and switching, Cisco load balancing, etc.

Programming Languages:

  • C: Nathan is a skilled C programmer, and has written large projects in C that interface with databases, or provide API services with SOAP and REST. Comfortable with sockets programming, threading, etc. Somewhat comfortable with C++. Tends to avoid it in favor of Go these days.
  • Go: Written many microservices at Cloudmark/Proofpoint for internal use. Has contributed to the Dep project at golang. Feels relatively comfortable implementing any large scale project in Go at this time.
  • Python: Written copious amounts of functional Python over the years, mostly utility/glue. Some web services etc.
  • Basic knowledge of x86 assembly and SQL. Can write complex SQL queries if enough alcohol in system.