Using Drone, Gitea and Docker with Hugo

So I recently went on a little adventure to dockerify my personal website. Among other things, I wanted to be able to run Hugo to generate the site and have it publish using a CI system.

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Deleting Facebook

So, I’m deleting Facebook.

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Getting Started with Ansible

So, for the past week I’ve been using Ansible in anger. Genuine, bare knuckled, actually trying to get shit done with it. Oh yes, I’ve tinkered over the years, nothing serious. You know, to kick the tires. But I never really saw the point. I was pretty happy with puppet. But recently the team I work in decided as a group to adopt Ansible for our provisioning and management tasks. I think that it’s a good choice – for a bunch of reasons – but I don’t really want to go into them here.

EDIT: This is no longer how I feel about Ansible, and probably a lot of the information here is out of date.

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20 years

So, I was looking at the whois data for and I realised that I’ve owned this domain for nearly 20 years.

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A+ SSLLabs with NGINX with HTTP/2 in January 2018


So, there isn’t a good post for this right now. I’ve spent a little time on this server rebuild looking at the options. I have some base assumptions

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